Audio/Video Commandline toolkit

As this site deals a lot with audio and video processing, I thought it was handy to have a few commands documented that ease my life tremendously.

Audio File Format Conversion

ffmpeg -i file.wav -ar 320000 file.mp3 file.flac -c alac

Audio CD creation from *.wav files

cdrecord -v -pad -audio *.wav

Video File Format Conversion

ffmpeg -i $1.mp4 -y -target pal-dvd -sameq -aspect 16:9 -s hd1080 $.mpg $.avi

In case of dct coefficient errors, -q [0-32] can help to reduce quality until errors disappear. 0 being max Q, and 32 being lowest Q. A value of 5, i.e. adding the option of -q 5 gave a very good compromise between quality and file size.


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